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'Hunger Games' Super Bowl trailer - When food is raffled by the rich


I do not know much about The Hunger Games but it’s rumored to be the next big movie series for teens. The film is based on the first of a book series by Suzanne Collins and is about a futuristic society where the rich have so much power and control that they actually force each of the country’s 12 districts of workers to sacrifice one of their own citizens to do battle with one another until only one lives. The winning district gets food and supllies to last at least a year. The star of the movie is Jennifer Lawrence, who plays a young girl from District 12, forced to kill or be killed. 

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New 'Blade Runner' movie is officially a sequel

Sequel? Prequel? Broadway play? The future of Blade Runner has been in debate all year. In March, Alcon Entertainment bought the rights to Blade Runner; in August, Ridley Scott was confirmed as the director for the project; and now, we’ve learned that the project is a sequel ot the 1982 original. 

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'In Time' review - More time, more problems

What if time and money were the same thing? This is the idea behind In Time, a new film by Gattaca writer and director Andrew Niccol. It's a fantastic question and opens up a great metaphor to the way we've already structured our society. I only wish the rest of the film was as inspired as its core idea. Woefully, the characters, setting, plot, and visuals of In Time lack much imagination at all. A great cast and wonderful musical score hold this film together, but the dichotomy of Niccol's fascinating ideas and predictable execution means In Time probably won't stand the test of time.

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Check out this artwork from Oblivion, a post-apocalyptic epic from Tron Legacy director

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski shopped Oblivion around during Comic-Con a week or so ago, but no one had anything to show. Finally, the first chapter of the story is online at AICN, taken from a preview book on the showfloor. It is full of many pretty images like the ones you see above and below. 

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