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'The Bourne Legacy' trailer - Jeremy Renner does his best Damon

Matt Damon opted not to return to the Bourne series for a fourth outing, but that isn’t stopping Universal. The studio promoted the writer of the first three films, Tony Gilroy, to direct The Bourne Legacy, and it has concocted a new character, played by Jeremy Renner, to take Jason Bourne’s place. Despite all this, it does look intriguing. Am I a sucker? 

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New 'Blade Runner' movie is officially a sequel

Sequel? Prequel? Broadway play? The future of Blade Runner has been in debate all year. In March, Alcon Entertainment bought the rights to Blade Runner; in August, Ridley Scott was confirmed as the director for the project; and now, we’ve learned that the project is a sequel ot the 1982 original. 

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'A Good Day to Die Hard' plot details and release date revealed

Today, Fox made Die Hard 5 official. Tom Rothman, CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, appeared on The Jim Rome show this morning (apparently Jim is a fan) and announced that John McClane will hit the big screen again in 2013. The sequel will be called "A Good Day to Die Hard," reports /Film, which picked up the major details of the announcement. 

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Keanu Reeves is ready for Bill & Ted's excellent encore (video)

Keanu Reeves is either hard up for work or finally has his sense of humor back--maybe both. Either way, I like it. Speaking with MTV, the action actor is not only open to a third Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, it's being written. As long as writers can come up with something good, he'll do it. He's already onto some great ideas with this 3D black and white thing. The lack of color should really make it 'pop.'

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Avatar 2-3 may be shot back-to-back, says Cameron

James Cameron is back. With the Avatar re-release set to hit theaters in a couple months, reporters are already hitting him up for another round of sequel information. Speaking on the possibility of back-to-back sequels, he says it's definitely something he's looking into since it could save a lot of money.

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Green Lantern eager to become a trilogy (rumor)

This is by no means a reliable report, as the person who said it was hitting on someone, but Bleeding Cool has heard that Green Lantern 2 is scheduled to begin filming before the first movie hits theaters. Warner Bros. is very confident in the potential of the DC superhero flick that it will use the current New Orleans shooting location as Coast City (a fictional city) in the sequel, which should hit theaters sometime in 2012. A Flash movie is in the works as well. 

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 People always think sequels will work. They never do. I mean, these people somehow delude themselves into thinking they might, but...but it might work for Dreamworks. I mean, How to Train Your Dragon is fantastic. My problem: when Dreamworks does actually make a great movie (Ice Age, Shrek), the sequels never live up to the original. Shrek is on his fourth venture, and if you could plot the quality trend of the series, it would look something like this: \__.  

The press release from Dreamworks scares me.

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