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District 9 is science fiction 'near' its best (Review)

District 9 is science fiction near its best, and a very fun, though grotesque, film to watch. I say “near its best” because I left District 9 knowing I had experienced something fresh, new, and entertaining, but ultimately missing the emotional spark that separates a great film from a truly amazing cinema experience.

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Peter Jackson's District 9 will be AMAZING, says the Internet (Media Round-up)

When do you believe what everyone is saying, and when to wonder about it? Peter Jackson’s District 9 is getting more coverage than any other film opening this weekend. The thing is, it’s all positive coverage with a similar theme, “District 9 didn’t impress me before, but now it’s awesome.” And most of these “it’s great” pronunciation are accompanied by an exclusive interview, or an exclusive video. There’s little room for objectivity.

Nevertheless, let’s explore some of the new videos, interviews, and the inspiration for District 9 from all across the internets, and make up our own minds. After the jump, you’ll find everything you need to know about the aliens in District 9 and how great the media thinks they are.

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