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Skyline trailer is here. I can't wait for the next 20 alien invasion movies...

I'm tired before the aliens have even arrived. Some weeks back I listed all 16 (now there are 17) alien movies in development. Now we have our first trailer and boy is it predictable. The alien ships look like Transformers versions of Independence Day craft and their bombs are blue and weak, but the result remains the same. 

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ALIEN INVASION movies are taking over Hollywood! 16 of them! (FULL LIST)

Pack up your children and grab yer guns because aliens are going to be everywhere for the next couple years. Hollywood has always loved them, especially Steven Spielberg, but thanks to the success of District 9, Star Trek, and Avatar last year, a flurry of new alien projects are in development. Sadly, not a one of them is a sequel to Batteries Not Included. Maybe next year. I've left out a couple movies like Green Lantern since they are only somewhat alien related. 

Behold the full list below. 

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