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These movies and TV shows shouldn't exist, according to geeks

We all know that the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Star Wars prequels, and Batman & Robin deserve to be forgotten, but there are a lot of older embarrassments that we actually have successfully forgotten. Thanks to this great article at Screen Rant, the youth can catch a glimpse of many films and TV shows that were so bad we had to pretend they never existed. You may have seen the Fantastic Four or heard of the new Captain America movie, but have you seen Hollywood's early 90s attempts at Marvel movies? They aren't pretty.

I do argue with their conclusions about Star Trek: Voyager, Beast Wars, and a couple others, but it's a good read nonetheless. I highly suggest you check out all 8 pages of Screen Rant's article. Great stuff!

Click here to find out which films and TV shows deserve repression!