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Darth Schwarzenegger!

Take scenes from the original Star Wars and replace Darth Vader's voice with Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. A simple, and elegant way to make them funny. Enjoy!

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Omigod: a picture of Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel and fighting Nazis!

Somebody make this movie. I'll watch it. This comes from a tweet by editor Bonnie Burton (@BonnieGrrl), as discovered by the MTV Movies Blog. I have no idea who drew it, but I'd like to shake his hand. 

The Nazis are an elegant touch, don't you think?


Forget dogs and cats - your next pet should be an AT-AT (funny)

Are you in the market for a new pet? It requires more batteries than a dog, but an AT-AT may be right for you! Keep it away from squirrels though. This YouTube short was made by Patrick Boivin, the guy who made the very good looking Iron Baby short a month or two ago. He's pretty good (for a Canadian). Thanks to /Film for the link.


Darth Vader makes a World Cup goal (funny)

While there are probably too many Darth Vader parodies out there, this one is pretty good. If you haven't heard, the World Cup (soccer, aka football to some) is happening right about nowish. I wish the U.S. had Darth Vader on their team. As you can see, he's quite an asset. Just don't call him a cheater. I found this video on nerdcore. It's a commercial for a cell phone company in Europe--a good one. Enjoy.


Jay-Z/Darth Vader "Galactic State of Mind" music video

Not bad. College Humor has been improving in the last couple years. Some of their videos are hilarious. Others are not so much, but they get credit for trying. Here's a Weird Al'd version of the Jay-Z song "Empire State of Mind." It's now called "Galactic Empire State of Mind." Get it?! Hilawious. I've included a sampling of the lyrics below. Thanks to MTV for the link.

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STAR TREK vs. STAR WARS video by 20-year-old amateur

I wish I had special effects skillz like these guys. The video was made by a 20-year-old named Bill Parker in his hometown of Warrenville, Illinois and picked up as a story by NBC Chicago. My favorite part of the story: he scared his mom. Mothers never cease to be amazed by special effects.

Parker's effects looked so real his mom worried he blew up parts of town.

"I was slightly concerned that the possibly there was some actual fire involvement in the making of the video," Julie Parker said. "I was worried about insurance liability and lawyer fees."

Parker assured his mom he created the cell tower and public works garage wall explosions.

Though I don't think Star Wars got much of a shot here, the falling letters are creative. What do you guys think?


AVATAR reaches $2 billion, but is it still #26 in ticket sales?

Avatar has passed yet another milestone. Last week it passed Titanic to become the highest grossing movie of all time–Titanic had about $1.84 billion in sales). As of today, it is the first movie to gross $2 billion dollars around the world, taking in an estimated $2,039,222,000 through the weekend. More importantly, the movie shows no signs of slowing.

Interestingly, I saw an article on The Hollywood Reporter, saying Avatar is actually the #26 highest movie if we dismiss box office gross and instead count ticket sales. Under that model, Gone with the Wind and Star Wars are the most popular movies of all time, followed by The Sound of Music and E.T. The Extraterrestrial. My thoughts on counting ticket sales instead of dollars grossed and the misleading nature of this article can be found at Filmonic.

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THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS has its moments (Review)


I liked The Men Who Stare at Goats. A lot of critics didn't. It's certainly not the funniest movie of the year, or even the best satire, but it's a good farce with strong performances and some very ridiculous moments. I'm convinced that adding George Clooney to any cast is worth an extra review star itself. 

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