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SOLITARY MAN trailer shows off an older, wiser Michael Douglas

Well, we've seen A Serious Man and A Single Man. I suppose we're ready for a Solitary Man, right? In all seriousness though, this looks pretty good. With this and Wall Street 2 coming out, Michael Douglas is experiencing a comeback of sorts. The last major film we saw him in was Ghost of Girlfriends Past in a supporting role. Traffic (2000) is his last great film, so it's good to see him back in the saddle. He's playing a pretty typical role--a rich womanizer--but shows vulnerability.

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Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones trailer released (Trailer)

The first trailer The Lovely Bones, Peter Jackson’s upcoming film, is debuting in front of Julie & Julia this weekend, but the interweb already has it! Click on the picture above, or right HERE to view the QuickTime trailer at the the official website for the film. (Side note: when is Apple going to enter the streaming world and add embedding code to QuickTime?)

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