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Why JCVD and Seagal didn't appear in The Expendables, and a kill count poster

The Expendables has a huge cast of action stars in it. Unfortunately, like the Uncanny Valley, the closer one movie gets to having all the greats, the more we notice those who are missing--notably Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. Did Stallone not want them in the movie? Did they say no? As it turns out, they might not have been ready to play ball.

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Sylvester Stallone destroys YouTube in this trailer

When Scott Pilgrim decided to vs. the World and release an interactive trailer and fake posters on the internet, I don't think he realized that Sylvester Stallone is also releasing a film on 8/13/2010. In this awesome non-interactive, explosive interview, Stallone breaks YouTube with a bazooka. Very fun to watch. It's good to see films taking advantage of the net in new ways.

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Ouch! New featurette shows Stallone's mounting injuries during Expendables filming (video)

Sly has got to be juicing. He's made an unholy pact with something, because he is doing his own stunts at 64 years old, and doing them well. This is the fourth of five behind-the-scenes featurettes released on iTunes. This one covers Stallone's fight with Steve Austin and the injuries that resulted. Warning: it gets a tiny bit graphic. Have fun. 

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Hollywood Copies Itself Again: THE EXPENDABLES vs THE A-TEAM vs THE LOSERS

I've been studying the summer movie releases coming up in 2010 and I've noticed that a lot of Hollywood releases are, well, copies of one another. We've seen it time and again. For every original movie, there are a host of copycats. Sometimes, however, we have to put up with more than a few copied scenes and cliche lines. Remember Finding Nemo and Shark Tale? Deep Impact and Armageddon? Hollywood is known to produce formulaic, unoriginal movies, but....come on guys? Did we really need Volcano and Dante's Peak

In this edition, I'll cover one of the biggest trends of the summer: teams of mercenaries exacting vigilante justice. 

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THE EXPENDABLES trailer is packed full of 80s action

We've been hearing about Sylvester Stallone's big 80s action return for a while, but now the trailer is finally here. The Expendables stars Stallone and a huge cast of action stars including Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, and the immortal Dolph Lundgren. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger also make short appearances in the film.

Watching the trailer, I can't help but feel nostalgic. Like the recently released Ninja Assassin, The Expendables seems to take pride in its ludicrous nature. Its villains are 80s stereotypes, its explosions are huge, and its premise is entirely unwarranted. It hits theaters August 13. Thanks to my friends at Filmonic for the link.