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New Avengers villain leaked - Loki is not alone

Last week, The Amazing Spiderman’s villain The Lizard was revealed on a toy remote-controlled car manufactured by HeroClix. As it turns out, the toy manufacturer is also making action figures for this years upcoming blockbuster The Avengers and a new advertisement for the Avengers Movie HeroClix Set may have given away one of Marvel’s best kept secrets, reports ScreenRant.

Promotional blurbs for the movie have been saying for a while now that The Avengers join forces when faced with an insurmountable threat to the planet’s safety. Official posters, aswell as the trailer, show the main villain as Loki, seen last summer battling Thor, but I doubt anyone would consider Loki alone to present the kind of threat that’s being suggested. And following the promotional release from HeroClix it would seem that assumption may be right. We’ll reveal the villain below, so please don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers.

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Trailer mashup: 'The Muppets' meets 'The Avengers'

The Muppets has had the best set of trailers of any movie in a while, parodying romantic comedies and all sorts of movies. The actual trailer isn't too bad either. Joining in on the fun, ScreenRant has made its own mashup trailer mixing and matching video from The Muppets to the audio from The Avengers trailer. Check it out. I think the Miss Piggy as Nick Fury dubbing is especially good. ScreenRant also produced the sweet Toy Story meets Inception trailer last year. 

The Muppets will hit theaters on Nov. 23.


The official Marvel Avengers trailer finally debuts

Its finally here! This morning, the official trailer for Joss Whedon's highly-anticipated Avengers was released online. 

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, because Loki is gonna tear your shit up. Too bad we have to wait until May 2012 to find out how it ends! (I'm going to hazard a guess: the good guys win, and Tony Stark sasses everyone along the way.) 


Teaser trailer for Marvel's "The Avengers" leaked online

This Friday, Marvel fans will be rewarded with the well-anticipated Captain America: The First Avenger, with an added bonus: the first teaser trailer for Joss Whedon's The Avengers tacked on after the credits, in true Marvel style. (I'm still bummed that there was no bonus scene at the end of X-Men: First Class.) 

Of course, we live in the year 2011, so, naturally, a fan-recorded version of the trailer has been up on YouTube since yesterday. 

Watch the video after the jump. Spoiler alert: Its so awesome. 

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The Avengers teaser trailer is live. Watch and be disappointed (video)

I post this hoping that one of you may feel better for having seen it. I do not. The footage comes from Comic-Con and yes, that is Samuel L. Jackson narrating. Hey, at least we get to see an animated version of The Avengers logo, right?

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Thor 5 minute Comic-Con trailer is online and pretty cheesy (video)

I don't know about this one, guys. I'm getting the distinct feeling that Director Kenneth Branagh is a fan of the 1980s Masters of the Universe movie. Thor is sent to earth and girls ogle his cut physic. The outfits also look like molded plastic. If you're a god, would you really choose plastic? In any case, the trailer is below, courtesy of Trailer Addict. Let me know what you think. 

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Edward Norton's agent is super duper upset over Avengers re-casting

You won't like Edward Norton's agent when he's angry. In a character-appropriate reaction to Marvel's announcement that Bruce Banner will be re-cast for Joss Whedon's superhero supergroup flick The Avengers, Brian Swardstrom got his green on. To be fair, Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President of Production) made the announcement with a side of attitude. Both statements are below.


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Joss Whedon to direct supergroup movie THE AVENGERS, the biggest superhero movie yet

Dollhouse was canceled late last year, but Joss Whedon is just getting started. The TV auteur is in final negotiations to direct The Avengers for Marvel Studios, a huge project for the comic company. Deadline Hollywood reports that Whedon has been in contention for some time (first reported by IESB). He's an interesting and somewhat risky choice for the role.

This news is huge for Whedon, whose only major movie is Serenity, a 2005 film based on his canceled TV series Firefly, which became very popular when it hit DVD. Whedon rose to fame in the late 90s after creating the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spin-off series Angel. As of late, he seems to keep running into walls. Dollhouse, his latest TV series, was canceled last November. He also spent a long time writing a live-action screenplay for Wonder Woman, only to ultimately part ways with the studio. We do not know if he will get involved in the screenplay for The Avengers. Zak Penn is writing it.

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