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Watch the birds devour Hitchcock

No, not those birds and that Hitchcock. Come on. He's dead. This is a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock and The Birds (1963) by Brosmind Studios. Below is his famous silhouette, used plentifully throughout his career. I'll leave you in suspense about the rest. 

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Trailers for the nine worst movies ever made

I see a lot of bad movies, but if I had to sit through these, I'd cry myself to sleep. This list of trailers comes courtesy of The Huffington Post. I've posted my three favorites here, but head to the Post to check out the rest. Big thanks to my friend Dave for pointing this out.

Truck Turner

That's right. Good old Chef himself, Isaac Hayes, stars in this one. Ladies, he's got beer!


I'm guessing the creator of Birdemic never saw The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. In any case, these birds can blow shit up and defy the laws of physics. 

Tommy and the Cool Mule

Last, and probably worst, comes Tommy and the Cool Mule. The mule is voiced by Ice T and Kevin Sorbo (Hurcules) is the dad. This mule's got bling!

Watch the rest here, including Pocket Ninjas, who aren't so much pocket-sized as they are tall inline skaters wearing black spandex, 3 Ninjas masks, and clown hair. Julie and Jack is great as well.