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'Evil Dead' remake will be "grounded in reality," says writer

It’s not easy to get behind an Ash-less Evil Dead, but it’s possible. An Ash-less Evil Dead written by Diablo Cody though? I just don’t know. To be fair, the Juno writer has been hired only to rewrite Director Fede Alvarez’s script, and is thankfully not going into this project without set boundaries. According to Reelz, Cody has been instructed to keep the remake “grounded in reality,” and promised not to tart up what was once a cult classic with folk music or Jennifer’s Body-style ridiculousness. 

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'The Evil Dead' remake update: Raimi and Campbell are on board, but no Ash

Fans of The Evil Dead, I have some interesting news for you. First, Sam Raimi, creator of the original 1981 The Evil Dead, is involved in the upcoming remake of the film, scheduled for 2013. Sadly, the 2013 version does not include the beloved and darkly heroic Ash, originally played by Bruce Campbell.

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