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'Hunger Games' Super Bowl trailer - When food is raffled by the rich


I do not know much about The Hunger Games but it’s rumored to be the next big movie series for teens. The film is based on the first of a book series by Suzanne Collins and is about a futuristic society where the rich have so much power and control that they actually force each of the country’s 12 districts of workers to sacrifice one of their own citizens to do battle with one another until only one lives. The winning district gets food and supllies to last at least a year. The star of the movie is Jennifer Lawrence, who plays a young girl from District 12, forced to kill or be killed. 

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'The Hunger Games' trailer - It leaves you starving for more

I’ve been going back and forth on whether I wanted to read the novel before the movie comes out, but after watching The Hunger Games trailer, it’s definitely made it onto my reading list. I remember when I read the book Battle Royale, which has similar story to The Hunger Games—every year a group of youth are chosen to fight to the death, and the winner is the last one standing. But I also remember how disappointed I was with the subsequent film based off the novel. Though, to be fair, it makes for a pretty decent B-movie now. Fortunately,The Hunger Games looks like it’ll do justice to the original story.

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