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Where's Wall-E? Try and find him in this picture full of famous robots

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There's plenty of actual news going on today, but I spent a good long while looking at this "Where's Wall-E" picture, so I'd say it must be important. Drawn in the style of Where's Waldo?, this picture has just about every robot I've ever seen on TV and in the movies.

Everyone looks accounted for. R2D2, Transformers, Bender from Futurama, the Bad Robot...robot, Sentinals from The Matrix, the Bicentennial Man, Dot Matrix from Spaceballs, the Google Android logo, the robots from Batteries Not Included, and a ton of other robots that I've seen but can't place. For a near-complete rundown of all the bots, check out this Reddit page. Thanks to LaughingSquid for the link. 


The Matrix trilogy in 6 minutes (HD video)

The spoon may not be real, but this trailer is. The Matrix is one of my favorite films, and I don't mind its sequels. If you haven't seen the trilogy, I don't recommend you watch this. If you have, it's great fun. Jonathan Kiwanuka created this 1080p fan trailer for the Blu-ray editions of The Matrix trilogy. He calls it the "Ultimate" trailer, and I can't argue. If you'd like to take the blue pill, the video is after the jump.

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NINJA ASSASSIN brings back the insanity of 80's action films


The acting is cardboard; the plot is nonsense; the theme and sets are cliche; the action is too gory; the gore is too bloody; and the music has an electronic heartbeat, like Mortal Kombat and The Matrix. Ninja Assassin gives nothing to the art of film. Still, it is a friendly trip back to the 80s--the movie industry's biggest and loudest decade--and for that, I enjoyed it.

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