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The Expendables debuts decently, Scott Pilgrim is in for a fight (box office) 

It seems that collecting every major action star and having them shoot shit for an hour and a half will get you $35 million. It's a far cry from today's biggest releases, but puts the movie well on its way to breaking its $70 million budget. At 64, Sylvester Stallone is officially an action star again. Julia Roberts ate, prayed, and loved her way to number two. The full Top 10 is below.

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The Other Guys - Pimps Don't Cry music video, featuring Eva Mendes and Cee-Lo

No, you're not watching a James Bond video. Written by the Will Ferrell gang, "Pimps Don't Cry" is the unofficial theme song for The Other Guys. Better, it's sung by Eva Mendes, who plays Ferrell's wife in the buddy cop comedy. She may not be the next Beyonce, but she's good enough for me. Soul funk superstar Cee-Lo, one half of Gnarls Barkley, joins her. Check it out!

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The Other Guys extracts Inception from the #1 spot (box office)

I'm gonna get sad when I can't use terrible Inception jokes in these box office rundowns. Yes, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have taken down the Christopher Nolan, who sat atop the box office for an impressive three weeks

  1. The Other Guys - $35,600,000 (Total: $35,600,000)
  2. Inception - $18,600,000 (Total: $227,732,000)
  3. Step Up 3-D - $15,500,000 (Total: $15,500,000)
  4. Salt - $11,100,000 (Total: $91,980,000)
  5. Dinner for Schmucks - $10,500,000 (Total: $46,746,000)
  6. Despicable Me - $9,400,000 (Total: $209,400,000)
  7. Cats & Dogs: TROKG - $6910,000 (Total: $26,436,000)
  8. Charlie St. Cloud - $4,700,000 (Total: $23,500,000)
  9. Toy Story 3 - $3,048,000 (Total: $396,317,000)
  10. The Kids Are All Right - $2,606,000 (Total: $14,011,000)

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THE OTHER GUYS starts funny and ends preachy (review)

Rating:  (Passable)

Will Ferrell is a funny guy, and watching him play a 'character' is always enjoyable. If you like loud noises, people yelling at each other, and good physical comedy, The Other Guys provides them in abundance during its first half. Sadly, while it starts out hilarious, the movie slowly loses its funny in favor of bullets, car chases, explosions, and a stupid money laundering plot. There will be a lot of people who like this movie, but few will be impressed by anything in the last 45 of its 107 minute runtime. What happened? Did they just run out of ideas? I can't say I feel cheated or ripped off, but Will Ferrell and Adam McKay can do better. 

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Hey, it's Will Ferrell's NYPD recruitment video and extended 4 minute trailer for The Other Guys (video)

Everyone's talking about The Other Guys because it opens tomorrow and I'm no exception. But mostly, I think this NYPD Recruitment video is damn funny. Seeing Will Ferrell go into an anger rage never gets old. Neither does his sense of humor. Recent reports say that his next movie might be filmed entirely in Spanish. Hey, whatever works. 

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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay speak about their cutting-edge VHS to DAT filming process for The Other Guys (video)

These guys are are so good together. I remember listening to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay on the unrated Anchorman DVD, and it still ranks as one of the best and most irrelevant commentary tracks I've ever heard. This reminds me of how they went on about a special lens they used in a single shot of Anchorman that cost them $50,000--it was a shot of Will Ferrell's mustache. To learn about the extensive Maxwell VHS filming technique and laborious post-production process for their new comedy, The Other Guys, check out the video below.

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