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Watching Twilight Eclipse kills a man in New Zealand

On July 4th, a 23 year-old man was found by a cleaning crew after a 6 pm showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in a Wellington theater. He was slumped in his seat and looked like he was sleeping, said members of the staff. I'm guessing he was on Team Jacob, but the official cause of death is unknown. It was believed he was attending the movie by himself.

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TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is okay, but ladies your fantasies disturb me (review)

Rating:  (Passable)

Well, this is certainly an improvement. The first Twilight movie is somewhat laughable and it's sequel, Twilight Saga: New Moon (review) is confusing for those who haven't read the book. With a new director, Eclipse finally sets a stable tone for the series, giving us backgrounds on many of the characters (like the Cullen vampire family) that we've seen on screen for two years now, and enough action so all of the boyfriends in the audience won't wish they were as dead as Edward this third go-round.

So the movie is better, but really, who cares? All you Twilightites are going to see it anyway. You probably already have. You don't see these movies because they're good; you're addicted. Those damn books hooked you, and Jacob's abs reeled you all in by the millions. Criticizing the filmic qualities of Eclipse will get me nowhere! If I'm going to engage Team Edward and Team Jacob, I better dig right in. And so I present my unfiltered thoughts on the characters you love and their many bad choices. Many spoilers ahead.

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Check this out! Twilight Eclipse as an 8-bit video game (funny)

While my review of Eclipse is still pending (I'll get it up soon), these videos should tide you over. Ever wonder what thoughts and choices run through Bella's head? Take her place and see if you can ease tensions between the Quileutes and the Cullens while also choosing your future. Will it be Jacob the werewolf or Edward the vampire? Tough, relevant choices for today's youth. The choose your own 8-bit adventure videos are below.

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Trailer Roundup: Little Fockers, Red (awesome), The Social Network, Predators, The Divide, a new Twilight: Eclipse clip, Takers, and more

(Before I begin, do these noses look weird to you? Maybe it's just me, but this is not the most flattering photo of the Eclipse triangle.)

Jeesh. I was complaining last Tuesday about how many trailers there were. Now there are even more! I may have to get more selective in the coming weeks. I've highlighted some interesting trailers and there's a list at the end of the post for some others, should you care to take a look. Most notably, The Social Network teaser is here, which is a semi-accurate account of the founding of Facebook. The new Predators trailer made some waves earlier this week along with Little Fockers. Neither have got me excited.

What does look awesome is Red, starring Helen Mirren (still hot), Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich (not in a western thankfully), and Morgan Freeman. Also check out The Divide for a unique take on the end of the world. Trailers embedded below!

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New TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE trailer with lots of vampire on werewolf action

I have a tepid history with Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailers. I did not enjoy the teaser trailer, and the short clip the studio released was fairly lame. Still, the video featurette looked more promising. The latest trailer has me wondering why the others exist at all.

This new Eclipse trailer looks like its from a different movie all together--a much better movie. Director David Slade looks like he's taking the franchise down a more action-ey path. The new score by Lord of the Rings composer Howard Shore also adds to the epic direction. Let's hope the final film can live up to its trailer. Eclipse hits theaters June 30. 

(I do wonder why all Twilight conflicts seem to happen in the same grassy field. So much anger over such barren land.)


Another new clip from TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE 

This comes from the New Moon DVD bonus features. Edward and Bella appear to be discussing their vampirey future together under pale blue light, per the usual. 

"You believe I have a soul. Well, I don't," says Edward. "But to risk yours, just for the sake of never having to lose you—that's the most selfish thing I'll ever do."

Wouldn't he need a soul to really care about someone else's soul? I will have to do some soul researching to make sense of this. To further satisfy your Eclipse cravings, check out the trailer and a sneak peak featurette.


TWILIGHT ECLIPSE sneak peak video looks a bit better than the trailer 

My excitement for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hit a low last week when the trailer debuted, looking more like a series of bonus scenes to New Moon than a new film. This "behind the scenes" teaser from the New Moon DVD looks a bit better. Enjoy.


TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE trailer goes live

Ladies, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is approaching. From the looks of this new trailer, it looks like more of the same, with Jacob (wolfman) and Edward (vampire) fighting over a single girl. Lautner and Pattinson sound like their reading directly from scripts. It's odd how a movie can appear so melodramatic, yet have some of the most monotonic performances out there. Hopefully the final movie will look better than this trailer. Eclipse hits theaters June 30, 2010.


NEW MOON's Taylor Lautner is now the highest-paid teen in Hollywood with NORTHERN LIGHTS and MAX STEEL

If only I carried a more defined set of abs when I was 17. The possibilities would have been endless. Taylor Lautner, who starred as "the other guy" in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, is now the most popular little guy in Hollywood and he's quickly becoming the highest paid. Deadline Hollywood reports that Lautner will bank $7.5 million for his upcoming role in Northern Lights. But that's not all. Lautner will also star in Max Steel, an upcoming action movie based on a popular 90s toy line, and he'll be paid an even larger (undisclosed) salary. He's now making more than Daniel Radcliffe, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron. After the jump, learn why he may be making a huge mistake. 

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