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Funny People tops box office, Harry Potter holds on to #2 (Weekend Report)

It's a decent weekend for Judd Apatow, but Potter fans should be happier. Funny People, starring Adam Sandler as a comedian wrestling with death, managed to reach the top of the box office, but not by much. It made $23,439,565 through the weekend. It will be interesting to see if it trended up or down through the weekend. Final numbers are not out yet. (My review of Funny People is here.) If this follows the trend of the last two Apatow movies, or last three Sandler movies, it will break the $100 million mark, and possibly inch toward $200 million.

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Super crime fighting hamsters beat Harry Potter at the box office (Weekend Report)

Say it ain't so! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been dethroned after one weekend. Bummer. Perhaps if the movie was better this wouldn't happen. Nonetheless, Disney's new 3D superhero animated hamster movie, G-Force, edged out Potter, taking in $31,656,934 to Potter's $29,462,187. This is despite the fact that Potter (4,325) was in 600+ more cinemas than G-Force (3,697). Half-Blood Prince dropped 62% from last weekend. For context, Order of the Phoenix lost about 58% of its audience during the second weekend.

On a sadder note, The Ugly Truth debuted in third with $27,605,576, despite showing in 800 less theaters than G-Force (2,882). Why is this sad? Well because it actually had a higher per-theater average than the other two! Don't go see this, you won't like it, and I'm not a romantic comedy hater. It deserves a swift fall off the charts.

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Review - The Ugly Truth *

The Ugly Truth isn’t very funny. It’s full of lies and boring romantic comedy clichés. Not since Jumper, have I left a movie feeling so supremely jipped.

I realize that a reviewer saying a romantic comedy is full of lies and clichés is a cliché itself. The whole genre is predictable. There are almost always two people on the poster, usually a guy and a girl, and they always fall in love under odd circumstance, have issues, then make up. Only a few films deviate from this script, and they do so with mixed results. The broad clichés don’t necessarily make bad film. The Proposal is ripe with them, but thanks to strong chemistry between its stars (Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds) and a well-used supporting cast (Betty White and Oscar Nunez are hilarious) it has a charm that grows on you. Unfortunately, The Ugly Truth has about as much charm as a farting donkey (no not the one from Shrek). In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if a farting donkey did show up in this crude comedy.

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