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Not good. Movie ticket prices rise 5% in 2010

Ticket prices have risen 40 cents (5%) this year, while attendance has fallen 1%, according to a new report by TheWrap. Even with stagnant attendance, Hollywood is set to bring in more than the $10.6 billion it brought in last year by a good margin. The scape-goat for high prices: 3D.

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AVATAR reaches $2 billion, but is it still #26 in ticket sales?

Avatar has passed yet another milestone. Last week it passed Titanic to become the highest grossing movie of all time–Titanic had about $1.84 billion in sales). As of today, it is the first movie to gross $2 billion dollars around the world, taking in an estimated $2,039,222,000 through the weekend. More importantly, the movie shows no signs of slowing.

Interestingly, I saw an article on The Hollywood Reporter, saying Avatar is actually the #26 highest movie if we dismiss box office gross and instead count ticket sales. Under that model, Gone with the Wind and Star Wars are the most popular movies of all time, followed by The Sound of Music and E.T. The Extraterrestrial. My thoughts on counting ticket sales instead of dollars grossed and the misleading nature of this article can be found at Filmonic.

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