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Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire out of SPIDER-MAN 4; Sony plans a complete Spider-Man reboot for 2012

Well this is sudden. Sam Raimi has left Spider-Man 4, citing an inability to finish the movie and retain his creative integrity by Sony's May 5, 2011 release date. This comes on the heels of Raimi's vocal outrage about the poor quality of the Spidey 4 script less than one week ago. Raimi and Sony executives hadn't been seeing eye to eye for a while. Executives wanted Anne Hathaway in the picture as Black Cat and weren't happy about Raimi's insistence that John Malkovich play the villain (I'm guessing it was The Vulture). Tobey Maquire and Kirsten Dunst are out as well. More details on this and the new script after the jump.

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BROTHERS is another kind of hurt locker


In Brothers, a remake of a 2004 Danish film, Director Jim Sheridan shows the toll a death can take on everyone in a family, and the rift that forms when a father comes back from the dead. It's an interesting journey filled with rich performances, even though the film is a bit too visually slick at times. 

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