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'Rock of Ages' trailer - Tom Cruise gets crazy as an 80s rocker

The first trailer for the Tom Cruise 80’s revival Rock of Ages is now online and I can’t wait to see it! If the concept of Footloose (the original), Studio 54, and This is Spinal Tap all rolled into one doesn’t get your drainpipe jeans and permed hair wet then you were clearly born in the 90’s!

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'Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol' full trailer - now with an interesting plot and exploding cars

Brad Bird is best known as a reflective writer and director of animated films like The Iron Giant and Pixar classics like Ratatouille and The Incredibles, but it looks like he may know how to work with humans as well. The first full trailer for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is out and it looks like it could have both an interesting plot and some of the craziest action out there.

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Mission: Impossible IV to be renamed and star Jeremy Renner

Ethan Hunt is taking a cue from James Bond, it seems. The next Mission: Impossible film may not be named Mission: Impossible IV, breaking the current naming convention. It may not even have "Mission: Impossible" in the title, reports Variety. Producer J.J. Abrams, star Tom Cruise and director Brad Bird (a Pixar alumni) have decided to go a new route for the next film. Yesterday, it was announced that Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) star opposite Cruise.

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KNIGHT AND DAY is insane fun; Cruise is back (review)

Rating:  (Good)

In an earlier article, I compared Knight and Day to Killers. I'm glad I bet on Cruise. Except for a slight slip involving a couch, he seems to have a lock on his career. He knows his strengths and they're all are on display in Knight and Day, a film that revels in its lunacy so convincingly that I couldn't help but join the fun. After seeing a preview of the film on Saturday, I left beaming, ready to drive fast and kick some ass. This is a better popcorn flick than almost anything out there and has just enough flirting to keep the ladies interested.

The most exciting moment for me was about 20 minutes in, when I realized that I had no idea what was coming next. Almost every shot from the trailer takes place in the first few scenes of the movie. I can't remember the last time that's happened; it felt really liberating to not know what was coming. After the first few moments, which are thrilling, it's all surprises and they're all fun as hell. I felt like I was back in a 60s action movie with amped up pacing to satiate my modern eyes. 

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Hollywood copies itself: KNIGHT AND DAY vs KILLERS

I've been studying the summer movie releases coming up in 2010 and I've noticed that a lot of Hollywood releases are, well, copies of one another. We've seen this before. For every Deep Impact, there is an Armageddon. For every Dante's Peak, there is a Volcano. For every A Bug's Life, there is an Antz. Either by plan or cosmic coincidence, Hollywood tends to copy itself, but studio executives may have hit Ctrl+C a few too many times this year. 

In each edition of this series, I'll present a new movie pairing. You be the judge. 

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New KNIGHT AND DAY trailer looks like a good time

Tom Cruise does not want to give up his Mission Impossible persona. Even when he's not playing super spy Ethan Hunt, he's playing a secret agent of some sort. In this case, he's a secret agent who defects, dragging along an innocent woman, played by his Vanilla Sky cohort Cameron Diaz. Looks like a lot of action topped with a bit of story, but hey, sometimes that's a good thing. The film is directed by James Mangold, the man responsible for Identity and 3:10 to Yuma, two great films from the past decade. It hits theaters June 25th--that's one weekend before Twilight Eclipse, ladies.