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Sony hires Len Wiseman remake Total Recall

Some movies are best left in the past. Total Recall is one of them. It's a cult classic about a man and his journey through Martian urban sprawl. Some guy even made an animated musical about it. Now Sony has hired Len Wiseman to "re-imagine" the action flick, reports Deadline. Wiseman is responsible for Live Free or Die Hard and the first two Underworld films. Kurt Wimmer, the writer of this masterpiece, is penning the film. (To be fair, Wimmer did go on to write The Recruit, Salt, Law Abiding Citizen, and The Thomas Crown Affair as well.) 

What do you think? Mad? Happy? Maybe Arnold will make a guest appearance? With so many of his films being remade, he could be the new Stan Lee and start making hidden appearances for a living.


Hear Arnold sing in TOTAL RECALL the musical (Funny)

Can't get enough of Total Recall? If you're as big a fan of the Schwarzenegger classic as I am, the little man inside you will be excited to finally watch the film in sing-song, as it was always intended. This video was created by Jon and Al Kaplan as the first part of Total Recall: The Musical. It's titled: "The Mountains of Mars." Check it out. (Thanks to Cinematical for the link.)