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Awesome: Try to pick out 35 movies in this 2 minute animation!

I love a good puzzle. Test your abstract movie knowledge in this fast 2 minute clip. It's made by Pascal Monaco and friends. They boiled their favorite 35 movies into their most basic elements and strung them together. For example, the first image of the film is music notes raining down. I'll give that one to you: it's Singing in the Rain. This image above, it's Toy Story. Watch the video below; you've got 33 more to go.

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Is TOY STORY 3 about the Holocaust? Existentialism? Marxism? Maybe it's all about sexual inadequacy?

Everyone's abuzz about Toy Story 3. It's Pixar's best reviewed film yet (98% on RT) and earned a hefty $109 million in its opening weekend, beating out Pixar's previous launch record of $71 million with The Incredibles. If you haven't seen it yet, get to the theater. I recommend IMAX 3D (regular 3D isn't as good), but see it on a big screen either way. It's fantastic. That said, some people have conjured up some unique interpretations of the series. Spoilers ahead!

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Interview with TOY STORY 3 director Lee Unkrich (video)

I've been a skeptic of Toy Story 3 for a while (I don't think Pixar should be concentrating on sequels), but the closer the film gets to release, the more excited I get. Below is an interview Collider's Matt Goldberg had with Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich and Producer Darla K. Anderson, who's been a producer at Pixar since A Bug's Life. She also did some visual effects for the original Toy Story in 1995. Unkrich also co-directed Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo. Pretty good resumes, I'd say. 

Collider asks about balancing the emotion of the film with the action, how they chose new toys, and whether Toy Story 3 had any technical hurdles to overcome.

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