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The Expendables debuts decently, Scott Pilgrim is in for a fight (box office) 

It seems that collecting every major action star and having them shoot shit for an hour and a half will get you $35 million. It's a far cry from today's biggest releases, but puts the movie well on its way to breaking its $70 million budget. At 64, Sylvester Stallone is officially an action star again. Julia Roberts ate, prayed, and loved her way to number two. The full Top 10 is below.

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Toy Story 3 becomes Pixar's highest-grossing movie

After seven years, Finding Nemo has finally met its match. Grossing $896,210,546 and counting, Toy Story 3 has officially surpassed Nemo's impressive worldwide haul of $867,894,287 back in 2003. Pixar is the only studio I can think of that has never had a bomb. All 11 of its films have been hits both critically and commercially. With the exception of Cars 2 on the horizon, this trend looks safe to continue.

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The Other Guys extracts Inception from the #1 spot (box office)

I'm gonna get sad when I can't use terrible Inception jokes in these box office rundowns. Yes, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have taken down the Christopher Nolan, who sat atop the box office for an impressive three weeks

  1. The Other Guys - $35,600,000 (Total: $35,600,000)
  2. Inception - $18,600,000 (Total: $227,732,000)
  3. Step Up 3-D - $15,500,000 (Total: $15,500,000)
  4. Salt - $11,100,000 (Total: $91,980,000)
  5. Dinner for Schmucks - $10,500,000 (Total: $46,746,000)
  6. Despicable Me - $9,400,000 (Total: $209,400,000)
  7. Cats & Dogs: TROKG - $6910,000 (Total: $26,436,000)
  8. Charlie St. Cloud - $4,700,000 (Total: $23,500,000)
  9. Toy Story 3 - $3,048,000 (Total: $396,317,000)
  10. The Kids Are All Right - $2,606,000 (Total: $14,011,000)

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20 films that make BBC readers cry, and yes, The Notebook made the list

When Lord of the Rings tops a list of tearjerkers, I take notice. Partly because, well, I love LOTR, but also because it never made me cry. This makes me wonder just how many British men are big pansies. Hit the jump to read BBC's top 20 list

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Toy Story 3 meets Inception in this mashup (awesome)

I can't get enough of these Inception mashups. This one comes from the folks at ScreenRant. What is Toy Story 3 had been directed by Christopher Nolan? Watch the re-cut below. 

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Inception keeps spinning at #1 for a third weekend (box office)

Dinner for Schmucks can't dethrone Inception, which continues its dream run in theaters this weekend. 

  1. Inception - $27,520,000 (Total: $193,348,000)
  2. Dinner for Schmucks - $23,300,000 (Total: $23,300,000)
  3. Salt - $19,250,000 (Total: $70,800,000)
  4. Despicable Me - $15,543,000 (Total: $190,349,000)
  5. Cats & Dogs: Kitty Galore - $12,525,000 (Total: $12,525,000)
  6. Charlie St. Cloud - $12,136,000 (Total: $12,136,000)
  7. Toy Story 3 - $5,035,000 (Total: $389,674,000)
  8. Grown Ups - $4,500,000 (Total: $150,713,000)
  9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice - $4,320,000 (Total: $51,881,000)
  10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - $3,965,000 (Total: $288,200,000)

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Pixar lends a hand to Jason Segel's Muppet movie

Pixar sure is busy. I worry about them. Worry or not, they are lending a helping hand to a lot of projects these days, including Jason Segel's new Muppet movie. According to Empire Online, the script was read to Pixar royalty Pete Doctor (big Muppet fan), Michael Arndt, Brad Bird, and Ed Catmull. There's no word on whether it's because the script needs work or if the film's creators just want some professional advice. 

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Toy Story 3 merchandise expected to gross $2.4 billion this year

Pixar is a force to be reckoned with, it seems. The chart above shows the production budgets for each of the 11 Pixar films to be released. In a graphic below, you can see how much money they grossed at the box office. More interesting is how much side-revenue Disney rakes in. Cars has made $2 billion in merchandise sales since it came out in 2006 and Toy Story 3 is expected to bring home more than $2.4 billion this year alone. 

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Here's an inside look at the Pixar short Day & Night (video)

One of the best parts about seeing a movie like Toy Story 3 is the short film that comes before it. Every one of Pixar's films has a short and they're always a pleasant diversion. Day & Night is possibly their best yet, though Gerry's Game might still be my favorite. This is a quick run-through of the development behind Day & Night. Check it out, then go see Toy Story 3. 

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A behind-the-scenes look into Pixar Studios

Any fan of Pixar will find this fascinating. The Guardian was fortunate enough to get a full tour of Pixar Animation Studios. In May, Newt was cancelled, leaving only one original film on the company's release list, along with a sequels to Cars and Monsters Inc. on the docket of a company that doesn't usually make sequels. But now, with Toy Story 3 criticaland commercial success, we're all wondering how the little California company keeps making such great films without exception. While I wish The Guardian would have gone into more depth, the tour is a fun look into the coolest room in the House of Mouse. 

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