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Five great movies that mess with your mind, like INCEPTION

I can't see Inception until midnight tonight, but the anticipation is driving me crazy. And so I present you with some of my favorite movies that mess with your brain. Many of these films leave you wondering, what you just watched. Others will haunt you. All are fantastically beautiful trips through the subconscious. Check em out!

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New KNIGHT AND DAY trailer looks like a good time

Tom Cruise does not want to give up his Mission Impossible persona. Even when he's not playing super spy Ethan Hunt, he's playing a secret agent of some sort. In this case, he's a secret agent who defects, dragging along an innocent woman, played by his Vanilla Sky cohort Cameron Diaz. Looks like a lot of action topped with a bit of story, but hey, sometimes that's a good thing. The film is directed by James Mangold, the man responsible for Identity and 3:10 to Yuma, two great films from the past decade. It hits theaters June 25th--that's one weekend before Twilight Eclipse, ladies.