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Pixar's 'John Carter' trailer looks amazing, and a lot like Prince of Persia

Who knew Mars looked so much like Persia. Disney-Pixar’s adaptation of John Carter of Mars is already looking quite amazing. This will be Pixar’s first foray into live-action film, with Andrew Stanton (Wall-E, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life) directing and Pixar trying its hand at realistic CGI for the first time. So far, the result looks amazing. At the same time, Film School Rejects are astute to point out that there really isn’t a lot of mars going on here. We haven’t yet seen any aliens or many unfamiliar locations. So far, it looks to be the Prince of Persia that Jerry Bruckheimer failed to produce last year, and then some.

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DAYBREAKERS, exploding vampires without a cause


Writer/director/brothers Peter and Michael Spierig have a cool premise on their hands. Daybreakers is the most interesting vampire concept I've seen in, well, a while. Unfortunately, an interesting premise does not result in an interesting movie unless there is an interesting story to go along with it. The Spierig brothers do not have an interesting story to tell. What they have is a lust for exploding bodies and gallons of blood. Seriously, gallons. 

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