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It's time to Swayze! Check out this Dancing at the Movies music video

Everyone from Jay and Silent Bob to Gene Kelly to Michael Jackson to Zac Efron is featured in this compilation of nearly 40 movie dance scenes. Better yet, it's to the beat of 'Footloose,' by the immortal Kenny Loggins. Can you ask for more? 

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CHARLIE ST. CLOUD shows Zac Efron can act, and take his shirt off (review)

Rating:  (Decent)

Charlie St. Cloud is a troubled guy inside a troubled movie. He's stricken by guilt over his brother's death and can't let go; the film is stricken by a studio mandate to show as much of Zac Efron's chest and abs as possible, and struggles to sincerely tell its tale. Luckily for Director Burr Steers, Efron is more than a pretty face and body; he can act and takes his role more seriously than your average mouseketeer.

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Zac Efron hopes the ladies will like his new guns

And by guns, I mean the guns he'll be holding in his next two films following Charlie St. Cloud. Efron has signed on to star in The Lucky One, about a soldier who comes home to find his girl, and Die in a Gunfight, an action film about a young man (guess who) who falls in love with the daughter of his father's nemesis. Steamy stuff. 

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Trailers: The Last Airbender (first look at Momo!), Despicable Me, The Green Hornet, Resident Evil: Afterlife, and Charlie St. Cloud

It's a sure sign that Summer's started when trailers get this plentiful. I just posted a bunch of new ones last Thursday and I'm already overloaded with new 2-minute movie ads. Despicable Me is the highlight of the trailers, but this new Facebook clip of The Last Airbender is pretty sweet. I'm a big Airbender fan, and the more footage I see, the more optimistic I get. Hopefully, Shyamalan strikes the right balance and adapts the Nickelodeon series well. More trailers below!

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Zac Efron's first role was in Joss Whedon's FIREFLY

I am a big fan of Firefly, but I never realized that Zac Efron's first acting role was in the Sci-Fi/western series. This clip is from the episode "Safe." Efron plays a young Simon Tam in a masterful performance. James Lipton would be proud.

For those unfamiliar with Firefly, it is one of the shortest, best Sci-Fi series out there and a chief inspiration behind the style of subsequent science fiction films and series including Battlestar Galactica. Check it out on DVD sometime. Kudos to io9 for the link.