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'The Hobbit' video blog 4 - Peter Jackson on filming in 3D and 48 FPS 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hit theaters for another year, but Peter Jackson and his crew have already released a number of pictures and videos about the making of the films. The fourth video blog, which was released Friday, talks a bit about what it’s like to film in 48 frames per second and 3D. 

While most films still run in 24 FPS, Jackson and his Weta team are drastically upping the game, filming the movie digitally in 5K resolution and full 3D at 48 FPS. Pretty crazy, but it should lead to a better picture. Those who play video games can attest to the difference between a game running at 24 FPS and a game running at 60 FPS, which is the maximum refresh rate that the eye can detect.

Interestingly, Alan Lee and John Howe—the renowned artists that helped bring the original Lord of the Rings trilogy to life and have been drawing Tolkein images for years—are hard at work on The Hobbit and are actually drawing their concept art in old-school anaglyph 3D, with one of them drawing in red and the other in blue. 

Filming in 3D also has its difficulties. All colors have to be filmed at a much higher saturation rate than they appear on film because of the dimming effect 3D has on a shot. Because of the 48FPS and high resolution, they are forced to use things like real human hair for wigs and put a lot more detail into flesh tones and makeup than they had to for LotR. 

Alas though, I ramble. The video is below. 

Hobbit fans, be sure to check out video blog 12, and 3 as well. 

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