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'Wrath of the Titans' mini review - Far better than 'Clash of the Titans'

I was not a fan of the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans. It lacked character and failed to deliver on its epic fantasy-action premise. Wrath of the Titans is still not a smart film — it mostly revolves around Ares, Hades, and Zues having family fights — but this time it delivers on its fantasy adventure promise. Perseus (Sam Worthington), the half-son of Zeus, has to go on a big quest to stop Hades and Ares from unleashing the massive Kronos, the father of Zues and Hades who just so happens to be about 3 or 4 times the size of Godzilla. Perseus has some awesome encounters with Titans, cyclops giants, Minotaurs, and two-headed dragon beasts.

The concept here is nothing new: it was done before in Conan the Barbarian and Immortals (review) last year, but unlike those movies, Wrath of the Titans doesn’t disappoint in the third act. And unlike Clash of the Titans, when this films metaphorical “Kraken” is released, it’s followed up with an equally epic battle. Did I mention that Perseus rides a flying Pegasus? Wrath of the Titans has a lot to enjoy visually, and the cameo by Bill Nighy lightens the mood considerably. I’m not sure why other reviewers are writing it off, but if you go in expecting a good fantasy action flick, you won’t leave disappointed.

The Good 

  • Unique, fun, and huge new monsters
  • Better third act than Clash of the Titans
  • Far better 3D than Clash as well.
  • Runs circles around Conan and Immortals
  • Best fantasy action you may see until The Hobbit
  • Liam Neeson and Bill Nighy are always fun to watch

The Lame

  • Story is still silly and many things don’t make sense
  • Dialogue is minimal
  • Action is unbelievable
  • Shaky cam (but not as bad as Hunger Games)
  • These “gods” seem mostly human

Score:  (Decent)

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