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Review score breakdown

Since I choose to review films on a five star scale here on Cinema Soldier, it might be helpful if I shared what each score means. My attempt to do so is below.


This exceptionally rare score defines must-see films that rank with the best. A movie that receives this score should have no room for reasonable improvement in any significant area. This is a film that everybody should watch and enjoy, many times.  


Films with this score may have some slight imperfections, but are exceedingly polished, fun, and must-watches for most moviegoers. Flicks in this category usually hold high appeal for nearly all audiences. 


Films with this score may have a few evident shortcomings, but the overall experience is very enjoyable. They tend to be competent enough to provide an engaging experience to fans of a particular genre and casual moviegoers. 


Movies with this score are solid efforts and fun to watch, but have noticeable inadequacies that prevent them from achieving greatness. While they may be enjoyable, they are accomplishing little that hasn’t been seen and done before. This score represents titles that provide a good, decent experience from start to finish, despite their flaws. 


Films with this score are passable, but just barely. These movies have some positive qualities, but significant faults as well. Some of these titles may succumb too severely to imitation, lacking original qualities and charm. Others simply have limited appeal. Fans of the genre/brand may be moderately satisfied; others will desire a more rewarding cinematic experience. 


Films with this score tend to have considerable, major faults that outweigh strengths they exude. These movies are mediocre, which falls on the negative side of “average.” They may have a promising premise, but fail to live up to it in meaningful ways. Most moviegoers will walk away somewhat unimpressed, or worse: disappointed.


Films with this score just aren’t fun. Often, these are titles that have noticeable faults due to poor or rushed development. While some elements may work as shown, the majority of these movies are dull and wearisome. They are lame, by most accounts.   


Films with this score are painful to watch. You almost develop sympathy for the team involved with such a movie. You ask yourself: why? Avoid films with this score. They are synonymous with the terms pitiful, deplorable, and mournful.


Attempting to watch a film with this score is like boarding a train wreck in progress. It’s not a pretty sight, and it’s only going to get worse. Don’t do it. Leave these to the hardened professionals. I watch these so you don’t have to. 


Offensive, atrocious, loathsome, repugnant, detestable, execrable. Pick one.